Sunday, December 05, 2010

A comedy of errors,round 2,with a nice literal twist

We both forgot to take our tefillin to synagogue with us this morning!

My husband came back home for his, but I, still home at the time because I just couldn't wake up after that wonderful Shalshelet concert last night (and a just-about-literally midnight snack at My Most Favorite Food), didn't want to go back after I finally got to shul. So I went upstairs and borrowed a set of unclaimed tefillin left in our "minyannaire" storage unit. I was touched to find the name of a very active and much-loved late congregant written inside the tefillin bag. Of course, laying right-handed tefillin left-handed is always an interesting challenge--as is often the case when one wraps tefillin on the arm other that the one for which the tefillin were tied, the hand-wrap part just didn't form the letter Shin as it's supposed to. And I ended up having to trade my husband for his shel rosh/head tefillah because the one I was using slipped right past my head like a necklace. But it was nice to put W.B.'s tefillin back to work.


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